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Bacteria, mite, and allergen build-up in your home’s carpet can cause breathing problems. Commercial Cleaning of San Diego offers professional carpet cleaning to remove these irritants for a cleaner, safer home. Regular cleaning also prolongs the life of your carpet and keeps it looking cared for.

Commercial Cleaning of San Diego uses Green Seal® certified cleaning agents to clean your carpets thoroughly but safely. We work hard to give you high quality service.

  • Remove stains
  • Kill mold
  • Eliminate dust and allergens
  • Extend the life of your carpet

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    2 areas + hall


    Pet odor enzyme

    $50.00 per area

    MAXIM™ carpet protection

    $60.00 per area

    4 areas$180.00
    5 areas$210.00
    6 areas$240.00
    7 areas$280.00
    8 areas$320.00
    Each additional area$45.00
    All hallways$35.00
    Large master bedroom closets$20.00

    Minimum fee $200.00.
    One staircase (up to 13 stairs) is equal to one area.
    Living room/dining room combo and areas over 200 sq ft are equal to 2 areas.